Fake Tattoo Sleeves

Fake tattoo sleeves are cloth pieces worn on the extremities (arms and legs) that give the illusion that you are really sporting a tattoo. They are usually made of nylon fabric with tattoo-inspired artwork from the upper arms down to the wrists. This fabric is often flesh-colored, or any color that would best match the wearer’s skin tone. These fabric pieces are then attached to either a t-shirt or a tank top to cover the edges, or they can have a bracelet or armlet to disguise the 'seam' where the tattoo fabric meets the skin. Also, they are "snug" fit, allowing the cloth to wrap around the extremities without any hooks or tape to keep it in place.

Tattoo Sleeves Optical Illusion Tee

Fine, nearly invisible mesh disappears on your skin, leaving only the brilliant print, giving the illusion ofintricate tattoos. Subtly sewn into a traditional t-shirt. Poly/cotton. Import. An Undergear exclusive.

Authentic Prison Break Michael Scofield Fake Tattoo Sleeves

Tattoo Sleeves - Prison Break Michael Scofield Tattoo Sleeves. These tattoo sleeves are officially licensed exact replicas of Michael Scofield's tattoos as seen on the TV Series "Prison Break". TV's most iconic tattoo is now available to every on with no pain and no permanent ink! These dermographic tattoo sleeves are the real deal. A skin tight fit and transparent dermographic material makes these sleevs look like real tattoos. Now is your chance to break free with your own Prison Break Tattoo Ink.

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